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Urion MD-500 neck massager

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  • neck Massager,this Neck massager aims to massage neck acupoints, relieve neck pain, promote blood circulation, relax your neck and fatigue, take the “burden” off your shoulder and improve sleep quality.
  • cervical spine massager,Adopt U-shaped design to adapt to different neck sizes and curves; constant temperature heating, just like to give your neck hot compress which can accelerate the neck blood circulation.Automatically shut down within 15 minutes to ensure safety.
  • best neck massager, 6 modes neck massage to choose from. Users can select the appropriate mode according to personal needs, enjoy the real massage, and feel more relaxed at any time.
  • neck massager with heat, Please read the manual carefully before use, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Just turn it on and select mode and intensity, 2-3 times a day, 15 minutes each time, do not consistently use it for too long.The integrated neck massager is lighter.
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