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U60BH wrist blood pressure monitor

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  1. MULTI-USER HOME BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR: Get accurate BP readings for up to 4 unique users in the comfort of your home with the  Medical Premium Blood Pressure Monitor. The wide-range cuff is the right fit for upper arms sizes of 22-42 cm (8.6-16.5″)
  2. EASY-TO-USE DIGITAL BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR: This at home blood pressure monitor cuff features Snapshot Averaging which automatically calculates the average for all readings to determine the average baseline BP. It also gives Irregular Heartbeat indicator
  3. EASY TO READ SCREEN: The digital screen of this BP monitor has clear, oversized numbers that display systolic and diastolic BP data, and pulse rate. This portable blood pressure monitor makes it easy to keep track of your family’s health every day
  4. ADVANCED MEMORY & POWER: This automatic blood pressure machine can store & recall up toreadings per user in its memory,
  5. ACCURACY, PRECISION & RELIABILITY:is a trusted manufacturer of home and professional use. Our blood pressure monitors have the latest technology.
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